Movers in New york

Movers in New York

What’s for lunch?

Every neighborhood, from Fort Greene to Harlem, from Bay Ridge to Sunnyside, has its own culinary style.

In a city obsessed with food (in a good way) movers in New York get to sample it all.

Each week we are featuring a neighborhood institution that over time and experience for professional movers will become a no-brainer. The places that when you look at the day’s scheduled moving jobs, you know what you’re having for lunch before you hop in the truck.

This week’s pick! —  My Cuban Spot. Gowanus, Brooklyn.

One of our Brooklyn-bred movers recently complained that, for years, he couldn’t find any solid Cuban food in New York City.

But then My Cuban Spot opened up for business.

Located on an inconspicuous side street in Gowanus, My Cuban Spot dishes up culinary classics from the Caribbean island that’ll make any mouth watery. “The Spot,” as it’s known in the neighborhood, emulates the décor of a Havana sandwich shack: small, simple kitchen, a handful of tables and chairs set out on the sidewalk and – most importantly – delicious, rustic and affordable food.

For workers at the best moving company in New York City, that combination is as golden as the crust of a perfectly toasted Cubano.

And speaking of Cubanos, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

For a novice, the Spot’s classic Cubano sandwich – “The Boss” – is a must. For a mere $11, you’ll get an oversized golden-brown Cuban roll filled to brim with thinly sliced ham topped with chunks of tender roasted pork, melted Swiss cheese, sliced pickles and a light coat of mustard. With that, the kitchen fry up a fresh side of plantain chips – “Mariquitas” – served along with an addictive garlic sauce called “Mojo Criollo.”

For the more seasoned Cuban cuisine aficionado, there’s plenty to choose from. How about some slow-cooked pork butt with yellow rice and pinto beans? Or why not a sofrito-slathered fish-of-the-day?

For us, as full-service movers in New York that never sleeps, My Cuban Spot hits close to home because of its ability to maintain a no-thrills attitude while still cooking up delectable dishes for a reasonable price.


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