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What’s for lunch? Local movers NYC food guide

Every neighborhood, from Fort Greene to Harlem, from Bay Ridge to Sunnyside, has its own culinary style.

In a city obsessed with food (in a good way) local movers NYC get to sample it all.

Each week we are featuring a neighborhood institution that over time and experience or professional packers  will become a no-brainer. The places that when you look at the day’s scheduled moving jobs, you know what you’re having for lunch before you hop in the truck.

This week’s pick! —  Little MO, Bushwick 

As movers in New York City, members on the Cool Hand team are used to quick lunches that are easy to eat in the truck. But every now and then, our movers get an odd hour off between jobs and usually like to kill that time over an energizing meal.

That’s how we found Little MO.

The exquisite Vietnamese eatery, located just a block from Brooklyn’s busy Myrtle and Broadway intersection, offers takeout but should – for pho’s sake – be enjoyed onsite, as many dishes require a fair amount of dexterity.

Every day of the week between noon and 11 p.m., customers pile into Little MO’s refurbished industrial locale to enjoy steaming pho noodle soups, rice bowls and banh mi sandwiches. Little MO is a sit-down eatery but the menu is thankfully far from exorbitant.

For $10, you get a lip-smacking bowl of “Classic Pho” – thin rice noodles steeped in a hearty beef and oxtail broth topped with chunks of grilled ribeye steak, beef meatballs and tripe. Unless you’re wary of spice, the noodle soup is preferably matched with Sriracha sauce or Little MO’s homemade chili paste.  The rice bowls and banh mis span between $10 and $13 and contain all the essentials, plus a couple of welcome surprises. How about a Cajun fried catfish banh mi or a rice bowl with bulgogi-marinated ribeye steak, provolone cheese and kimchi?

Little MO also offers great vegetarian options. The “Vegan Pho” is a delicious and refreshing addition to an otherwise meat-dominated menu and the “Little Bao”  (steamed buns with pickled cucumber, cilantro and ground peanuts) is a perfect afternoon snack.

A Cool Hand mover recently worked in the neighborhood and had been craving a braised pork belly banh mi all day when he was stunned to find out that Little MO had temporarily closed down in light of crippling repairs on the nearby M train station. “Little MO will reopen on November 6th,” read a note posted on the front door. “We know you’ve missed us and we miss you too!”

Spot on, Little MO staff. November 6th can’t come soon enough.


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