Residential Relocation

Cool Hand Movers is among the fastest growing local moving companies in New York City. But we don’t pack our schedules without gathering every bit of information to make sure we can execute the job as smoothly as possible. Moving in New York City can be complicated and extremely stressful, which is why on the big day you want to open your door to friendly and professional guys who know what they are doing and want to help get you through the process with minimal stress.

In the estimate process, we like to offer multiple options regarding residential relocation services so that prospective clients can have some clear choices. Since we offer a full range of services you’ll be able to make your decision based on your priorities, time constraints and budget.

Option 1: Full service pack and move

Moving can require taking several days off of work in order to pack and properly prepare. The full service is best for clients tight on time with a flexible budget, or if you just need an extra set of Cool Hands to get some work done. Our team of professional movers ensures that the moving process is painless, quick and stress-free by doing all the hard work for you.

Option 2: Partial pack and move

Some prefer to have us pack their kitchen only or some other specific area of the residence and they do the rest. It is commonplace to just need a little more help in order to get ready for your move. Whether it’s an office space, or kids room that you just can not tackle, this service is optimal for a client or family that needs an extra set of hands on deck.

Option 3: Basic move

Prefer to do your own packing in advance? Not a problem. We’ll show up on moving day with the necessary equipment to wrap your furniture and any other delicate items that could not be fit into boxes before our arrival and do the basic grab and go.