All local moving companies at some point or another will put a version of this photo out into the world – and we’re no different.

And there’s good reason to do so. When you’re running a smaller-sized moving company it’s important to distinguish from the larger more corporate moving companies and the group shot of the movers themselves is one way to do it.

Cool Hand Movers has been on the block since 2010, and although we’ve grown, we still retain the local small business feel that many people look for in Packers and movers in New York. We’re not a faceless corporation – we’re a tight-knit team – but we aim to deliver the highest level of moving services and affordable moving services at that.

If you’re shopping around for moving companies in New York City you’ll observe a wide range, from the more under the table man with van to the big corporations. Our aim is to provide the personal touch of the friendly local guy with a van while taking on much higher volume and a broader clientele.

Affordable moving companies (with licenses) aren’t always going to be easy to find. We’re glad that you made it to our page, and now it’s time for you to let us know how we can help!


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