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Every neighborhood, from Fort Greene to Harlem, from Bay Ridge to Sunnyside, has its own culinary style.

In a city obsessed with food (in a good way) moving service provider in nyc get to sample it all.

Each week we are featuring a neighborhood institution that over time and experience for professional movers will become a no-brainer. The places that when you look at the day’s scheduled moving jobs, you know what you’re having for lunch before you hop in the truck.

This week we are in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, and the no-brainer, go-to, absolutely mandatory culinary establishment will always be DeFonte’s Sandwich Shop.

Located on Columbia Street just off the Battery Tunnel, the tucked away spot comes without complication for a crew of movers arriving in a box truck. In this low population density industrial nook, no one has to sit behind the wheel to avoid a ticket.

Once inside you have your standard wall of Italian actors and a stack of community papers. Above the display counter the sandwiches are named simply enough by the ingredients – with the one exception of Nicky’s Special. You’ll have to visit to find out. 

A friendly and quick staff, paper bag snapping and by all appearances enjoying themselves. And they would too – patrons are excited to be there. Remember that this place is a bit remote, so you have to make some effort to get there. Is it even going to be open? You don’t always know for sure. They do what they want. 

Back in the truck you’re looking at a two meal in one situation – one for now and one for when the day is over. You’ll always have one guy on the moving crew who never heard of the place, so you watch his reaction as he unrolls his sandwich and takes his first bite. 

Relax, enjoy the lunch. No need to double-park or rush. We’re in Red Hook, one of the best areas for moving companies and moving service provider in New York City to be in. When it’s over, we can jump right on the BQE for the next job.

Anyone moving to NYC has to check this place out.