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This week’s featured member of the Cool Hand team is Larvelle Bell.
A full-time Cool Hand Mover, Larvelle plays a key role in making sure that each job runs smoothly. Previously employed in the art handling industry, he has a knack for detail which comes in handy on high-end jobs with extremely delicate and valuable cargo.

When did you start working for Cool Hand, and what drew you to the position?

Earlier this year I began working on the team just for weekends while I held my other job. Then in August, I was offered the full-time position and I went for it. What drew me in the most was that I like the work-out and the team. 

What was your first impression once you started working? Did anything surprise you?

It was a cool group of people that I was working with, easier than my last job in that way.

What do you enjoy most about working in the NYC moving industry, and with Cool Hand in particular?

I like the travel, getting around the city and sometimes outside the city. And I like to meet new clients.

What do you like to do with your time when you’re off the clock?

Spend time with my daughter.

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