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Moving Careers in NYC

Would you like to join a community-based moving company?

Cool Hand Movers is always looking for new talent as we continue to expand our services and network in NYC. We are a small, family-run business delivering high-quality services for our wonderful clients. If you think you’d be a good addition to our crew, take a look at the content below and get in touch!


  • Punctuality is essential.
  • Must follow COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • Work as part of a team in a great moving crew. Be receptive to on-the-job training.
  • Wrap furniture and artwork at a high level using blankets, shrink wrap, cardboard, and other materials as needed. 
  • Pack boxes and trucks with care, making sure that all cargo will remain secure even in NYC streets. Use ratchet straps as needed to secure items to the side of the truck.
  • Must have hustle. Moving is hard physical labor, but when you move quickly and carefully, it is easier on the body than dragging your feet. Movers should always be working at a fast pace, whether they are running items up and down stairs, to and from the truck, or wrapping furniture. 
  • Be friendly, patient, and professional with your team and clients. 
  • Must be comfortable using websites and smartphone apps for time tracking and other job responsibilities.

For Driver/ Movers (additional):

  • Ability to maneuver trucks up to 26’ long through the city safely.
  • Knowledge of the roads and streets including: truck routes, truck restrictions, bridges and tunnels (which routes you can take with a truck and which routes you can’t).
  • Background check and driving record.
  • Proof of experience driving trucks in NYC and at least one valid reference.

Positions include Driver, Mover (experienced) & Helper (looking to build skills).

Please apply via ZipRecruiter, or send your resume and a reference contact to [email protected]