Would you like to join one of NYC’s fastest growing moving companies?

When it comes down to executing a moving job at a high level, it all comes down to the movers themselves. CHM is ALWAYS on the hunt for new talent as we continue to build our fleet and strive to get better and better at what we do. If you think you’d be a good addition to our crew, take a look at the content below and get in touch!

Job description:

  • Work as part of a team in a great moving crew. Take direction from your foreman and always be alert for things you can do. No standing around!
  • Wrap furniture and artwork at a high level using blankets, shrink wrap, cardboard and other materials as needed. The wrapping needs to be done with great care and precision.
  • Pack trucks with care, making sure that all cargo will remain secure even if the truck hits a pothole. Be mindful of delicate items when you pack the truck. Use ratchet straps as needed to secure items to the side of the truck.
  • Always hustle, look alive. Moving is hard physical labor, but when you move with speed and urgency, it is easier on the body than dragging your feet. Movers should always be working at a fast pace, whether they are running items up and down stairs, to and from the truck, or wrapping furniture. Working with hustle is an extremely important criteria that you will be evaluated on. Let’s bang the job out so we can get lunch!
  • Presenting yourself in a friendly, patient and professional manner is key to keeping your job at CHM. Part of our whole brand is that during a stressful event in their lives, clients can get some relief knowing that they are opening their doors to a group of cheerful and personable movers.
  • Punctuality is essential. Most of the workers that don’t make it with CHM don’t make it because they did not consistently show up to work on time.

For drivers (additional):

  • Ability to maneuver trucks up to 26’ long through the city safely.
  • Knowledge of the roads and streets including: truck routes, truck restrictions, bridges and tunnels (which routes you can take with a truck and which routes you can’t).
  • Clean background, clean license.
  • Proof of experience driving trucks in NYC and at least one valid reference.

Who we are looking for:

Although previous experience in moving is a plus, if you bring a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn, we will train. Even if you have worked for other companies, you’ll be put through orientation and skills training to make sure you know our way of doing things which might not be what you were used to while working for other companies.

Our mantra for new hires: We want you going into every job like it’s the Super Bowl, and you’re the underdog team. We’re competing with a lot of other companies, so being positive and friendly, and executing every moving job at a high level is what it takes to hang with the CHM crew.

Please send your resume, cover letter and a few reference contacts to [email protected]