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Birds on Broadway

Nicolas Holiber, Birds on Broadway, the Audubon Sculpture Project presented by the Broadway Mall Association.

Brant, 2018, Reclaimed wood, hardware, paint, 9 x 12 x 5.5 feet, Nicolas Holiber

What is “Birds on Broadway?”

On May 17th, ten special birds will return home to roost on Broadway. However, this isn’t a normal migration. This is Nicolas Holiber, Birds on Broadway, the Audubon Sculpture Project presented by the Broadway Mall Association. It features ten oversized sculptures of New York City birds that are in danger of extinction due to climate change. This is the multi-year project of Nicolas Holiber. He is a Brooklyn-based artist who is known for his large-scale public works and mixed-media paintings.

Holiber is the youngest artist to have a solo exhibition presented by the Broadway Mall Association; this installation will be his second time showing with NYC Parks. Nicolas Holiber: Birds on Broadway will mark the twelfth sculpture exhibition presented by the Broadway Mall Association.

Does Cool Hand Movers have a favorite bird?

We usually don’t play favorites. But we are partial to the Brant goose on 96th & Broadway. That’s because this Arctic bird comes down to New York for the winter. That’s a brave bird! Interested to know more about this fascinating bird? Tag us @coolhandmovers and artist @nicolasholiber when you post a picture with the Brant and we may re-post you on our page! Don’t forget to include #BirdsOnBroadway.

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Here is more information on the Brant and a map of the full exhibition. Please take a look to learn more about why the Brant goose and other birds are in danger of losing their habitats.

Where can I see the bird sculptures?

All ten sculptures flocking to the Broadway malls this spring. The malls are the tree-lined greenways that run from 64th to 157th Streets in Manhattan. The sculptures will be on view through January 2020.

Gitler &_______ Gallery and the New York City Audubon Society supported Holiber to create the work in an effort to raise awareness about a group of more than 300 imperiled birds in North America.

How did these giant sculptures get to Broadway?

Artist Nicolas Holiber spoke to WWD about how the sculptures come together.

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The artist, Nicolas Holiber, was kind enough to offer Cool Hand Movers the opportunity to move these ten, enormous sculptures from his studio in Long Island City to their homes on Broadway’s biggest plazas. The Audubon Sculpture Project would not have been possible without fellow contributing sponsors BIG Reuse, Con Edison, Farrow & Ball, Hampshire Properties, Marjam Supply Company, Stanley Black & Decker, The Durst Organization, and Warburg Realty.