Affordable Moving Services in NYC

This week’s featured member of the Cool Hand team is Lawrence Miller.
Now in the role of operations manager in addition to working on site, Lawrence has a lot on his plate, but not too much to answer a few questions about working for the company, published below.
Lawrence has a background in fine art carpentry, art handling/crating and fabrication. He also plays drums in a band and got his B.A in philosophy. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and reading about outer space (nerd alert!) 

When did you start working for Cool Hand, and what drew you to the position?

I started part time with Cool Hand in the summer of 2016; I found the work through after searching for work as an art handler.  The hours, pay, and potential for working with art drew me to the position.

What was your first impression once you started working? Did anything surprise you?

My first impression was that the work is very fast paced. I was surprised by the complexity of the work and the need to incorporate many different skill sets to be successful at it.

What do you enjoy most about working in the NYC moving industry, and with Cool Hand in particular?

I enjoy the pace of the work, being in a dynamic workplace every day and interacting with so many different people. Cool Hand in particular is an honest company with an excellent team.

You are now in the role of an operations manager on top of working onsite. What’s that like?

It’s exciting. It requires constant attention to detail, always being ready to handle situations, diplomatic communication skills, and the stamina to get things done. Working onsite and representing the company in such a physical way is something I take pride in.

There are plenty of local movers in NYC. Do you ever get concerned about all the competition?

The competition is definitely real, but I don’t worry about it because we have affordable rates, a motivated and eager staff, a commitment to quality, and something others don’t have – we’re cool!

You are originally from Central New Jersey. What advice would you give to someone moving to NYC and looking for Affordable moving services in NYC?

Do plenty of research: ask all family members and friends who’ve moved to NYC about their experiences; go online and make sure you get  a few different quotes; do as much packing on your own as you possibly can to save money, stay organized and keep track of your belongings. It’s never a bad idea to purchase mover’s insurance.