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Mission Accomplished

We are happy to report that after a successful donation drive organized by Pro Era Records in conjunction with the office of the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, we accomplished our mission of shipping a 26′ cube truck worth of much-needed goods to the city of Houston for distribution to people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

It was a pleasure to have the chance to play a role in this effort and we look forward to future opportunities to use the resources that we have as a moving service provider in New York (mainly manpower and trucks) for important causes beyond NYC moving services.


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NYC Moving Services

Storm of Support – to Houston

We are honored to have been selected as the chosen moving help in New York for Brooklyn’s Pro Era Storms for Support, a Hurricane Harvey relief effort spearheaded by Pro Era Records in conjunction with the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President.

On Saturday, September 23rd, our truck will be parked at two select locations in Brooklyn where people will be able to drop off donations of clothing, household items, food, hygiene and toiletries for those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Donors will receive a wristband granting them entry to a thank you party hosted by the rapper Joey Bada$$ featuring noted DJs and some special guests.

Those interested in participating will be able to find our truck at East River State Park from Noon-1pm on 9/23, and Fort Greene Park from 2-3pm. The party will take place at Brooklyn Borough Hall from 6-9pm that evening.

On the following day, we’ll disembark for the city of Houston with, hopefully, a fully packed 26-foot cube truck of donations! Surely there are many local movers in NYC that would have been happy to provide the service, we’re glad we got the chance.



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Damage Control

It might come across as strange for a moving company to bring up the subject of furniture damage on it’s own website. If you’re looking for moving help in New York, the association might not seem like a positive one. Take a look at the hundreds of other residential moving services in New York and the word won’t likely come up on any of their sites, although perhaps in their reviews.

But let’s be real – there’s a reason why all of the local movers in NYC are required by law to have insurance – things happen. And when they do, how a moving company handles the problem can reveal more than the problem itself.

When you get volume you’re going to get breaks, nicks, scratches and cracks. In many cases these aren’t total losses, but they aren’t good either. You can pass along a claim form to a customer knowing they’ll be more likely to give up and accept the damage than go through the process, wire them a little bit of money – or, you can send a repair expert to take care of it onsite.

At Cool Hand, we’re proud to have our own furniture repair expert for these situations. Rather than leave you hanging in any number of ways, we’ll come back and fix the problem.


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