We were thrilled to be featured this month in Things to Discover this Weekend – a weekly newsletter presented by local Compass real estate agent Abigail Palanca about life in Brooklyn.

You can check the the piece out here. 

One the the best things about running a local moving company is the network of relationships with other small businesses that forms over time.

Most people need quality moving services at some point and many would prefer to hire local moving companies – the same goes for not just movers but real estate agents, handymen, mechanics and photographers, you name it. It’s good “have a guy” for everything (or gal).

Take this website for example!

Me in 2016: Scott, do you know any good graphic designers? I need a new site.

Scott: Yup, I know a guy.

Me: How about a photographer?

Scott: Try Prisca Edwards. She’s really good. 

And so on….!



Best Moving Companies

This is our first post, so we might as well use it to give you a picture of what we’re all about. Every business needs to tell a story, and this is ours.

Since 2010 Cool Hand Movers has worked to carve out it’s place in the competitive field of residential moving services in New York City. When you are competing with hundreds of other moving companies for every client – including the best moving companies – you need to bring the A-game to every job. Cool Hand Movers is grounded in the idea that making clients happy is the best marketing strategy.

We do not overbook our schedules to cram in as many jobs as possible – no rushing, no last minute cancellations. Quality comes before volume – our objective is to exceed expectations.

Everyone needs quality moving services at some point in their lives, and many of those moving to NYC will need moving services more than once. We’re the local movers that you need!

Hopefully if you are reading this, you plan on calling Cool Hand the next time you or someone you know needs moving services done. We’re here for you!